practical guidance to change your life fast.

Burnout, anxiety, compulsion, sense of disconnection, hectic lifestyle, peaks of euphoria and deep demotivation, repetitive patterns of negative thoughts, blockages, difficulty to follow a healthy lifestyle and achieve goals... Does it sound familiar to you?

These are the symptoms that you're not in control of your life.

Personal happiness, self control and emotional freedom are dependant on a single thing: mastering the art of addressing your thoughts and emotions rather than being at the mercy of them.

Our unique blend of techniques based on NPL, Behavioural Analysis and Meditation are fast and powerful. They target precisely the root cause recomposing and harmonising the individual integrally, dissolving negative beliefs, blockages and traumas while you experience deep shifts in your mindset flourishing brand new mental and behavioural patterns that will lead you to joy, balance and realisation.



£ 270

We will figure it out!

Sometimes we just need some immediate help, impartial advice with a matter or simply a little boost to get us back on the right track.

With the One-Off Clarity Sessions you can rely on an objective mind to help you regain focus, clear your thoughts and give you the push you need to make the changes and the progress you want to make.


Premium Counselling 

A single session where we will analyse and discuss your issue with pragmatism and impartiality, and you will receive guidance and insights to unfold the best possibilities and solutions for your matter.


Post session assitance

Just cause we love supporting your journey! Feel to e-mail me and discuss any further questions about the results you've got and the outcome of your matter. I am happy to analyse and answer any questions.