Consciousness at the crossroads: Where Buddhism Meets Neuroscience

As a therapist and researcher of the human behaviour, I am always seeking for articles, books and studies that address in a more materialistic and tangible way all the science that involves wellbeing, spirituality, and personal development. I have the feeling that this may be a remnant from my previous career, where I used to be totally based on the exact, empirical and stable approach (laughs!).

In this sense, “Where Buddhism Meets Neuroscience” is a fascinating book that covers some unique dialogues with the Dalai Lama on Brain Science and Buddhism during the 1989 Mind and Life Conference. The Mind and Life Institute is a reputed US organisation that opens talks between the scientific community and representatives of the contemplative and holistic traditions.

This is a book that might be a little dense in some moments due to the amount of technical information that comes from the scientific side of the dialogue, but at the same time it is extremely engaging and rich, covering subjects such as genetics, sleep, mind, consciousness and psychiatric conditions.

At all times it is possible to observe the richness of the information exchanged between the scientific vision and the integrative Buddhist approach and the bridges created during each stage of the dialogue develop a harmonious and smooth connection between these two worlds.

I felt particularly pleased with the discussion raised about how our memories influence our life experiences through the establishment of behavioural patterns, with valuable contributions from both the academic and holistic perspectives.

This is a lecture that I definitely recommend, especially for those who still have any reticence or impression that the holistic-integrative contribution on personal development lays on a vague knowledge based on some sort of mysticism, or that there are no scientific material and studies that support and clarify the impact that practices such as self-observation, meditation and analysis play in our lives.

One of the things that I really love doing with my clients and pupils during the classes and sessions is exactly building these bridges between our rich science and the wonderful, ancient, empirical and time-honored wisdom.

Titles like this are really exciting, as they show that science and spirituality are not separated elements, but they actually support each other and make the dialogue much richer and deep.

Sending love and light,