Where you can disconnect from the outside world and dive into your inner universe. 

The Mind Spa incorporates the finest holistic therapies for your body, mind, and spirit. Our blend of yoga, healing techniques, and powerful guided meditations will take you on a journey of healing and liberation to your inner self.

Pricing & Structure

Group sessions £ 27,00.​

One-to-one sessions £ 108,00.​

Important: We kindly request that all appointments for group sessions should be made at least 24 hours in advance, in order to facilitate the preparatives for the activities carried out in the Mind Spa.

Group Meditation & Healing Sessions

Currently unavailable

Meditation, healing and relaxation sessions for up to 10 people. Join our special yoga sessions with exclusive guided meditations, sound healing, crystal therapy and rebalance your chakras with Deeksha and Reiki.

One-to-one Healing Sessions

Available by appointment

If you simply prefer to relax, release that heaviness, reconnect and recalibrate your energies privately, schedule a one-to-one session with yoga therapy, sound healing, crystal therapy, flower essences, Reiki and Deeksha.


Relax, heal, reset.