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Master Wellbeing Consultancy

Burnout, anxiety, compulsion, sense of disconnection, hectic lifestyle, peaks of euphoria and deep demotivation, repetitive patterns of negative thoughts, blockages, difficulty to follow a healthy lifestyle and achieve goals... Does it sound familiar to you?

These are the symptoms that you're not in control of your life.

Personal happiness, self control and emotional freedom are dependant on a single thing: mastering the art of addressing your thoughts and emotions rather than being at the mercy of them.

Our unique blend of techniques based on NPL, Behavioural Analysis and Meditation are fast and powerful. They target precisely the root cause recomposing and harmonising the individual integrally, dissolving negative beliefs, blockages and traumas while you experience deep shifts in your mindset flourishing brand new mental and behavioural patterns that will lead you to joy, balance and realisation.


Our masterpiece is ideal if you​

 Feel stuck and want to move forward but not sure how, or what steps to take
Feel that your behaviour might be hurting the people you love
Are suffering from compulsiveness and anxiety
Don’t know how to stop negative and repetitive thoughts
Feel sad, ashamed, or in pain and regret
Something happen to you that you just can’t get over
Find relationships in general very difficult and often get triggered/overwhelmed 
Would you like to unleash your creative and productivity 
Are fed up with living according to someone else’s rules and want to be yourself

We understand that each individual is unique, with different backgrounds, experiences, skills and goals, therefore The ĀTMA LABORATORY does not practice "one-size-fits-all" services.

Our Master Consultancy is a fully personalised solution-oriented programme for self development where you will be guided towards your objectives, focusing on what you want and how to get there, dissolving all the obstacles and problems getting in the way with our set of NPL, Behavioural Analysis and Meditation techniques.

Pricing & Structure

£ 900

This programme encompasses

  1. One initial session* via Google Meetings

  2. Four clarity sessions* via Google Meetings 

  3. Personalised supporting material in digital format sent by email

  4. Routine and time management assistance according to the your needs and lifestyle

  5. Full off-session assistance (all emails and messages are answered in a period of 24h)

We master the art of listening

We care about what you have to say: The length of each session is flexible and may vary between 90 and 120 minutes, respecting and prioritising our clients demands.

Payment & Refunds

You are welcome to book a free, no-obligation, no-commitment Initial Call to discuss what can be achieved and to make sure we have a good sync, and if you decide to proceed with the programme the payment should be done integrally via bank transfer.

In case of withdrawal, you have up to 24 hours after payment to request an immediate full refund. After starting the program it will not be possible to request a refund.

* In compliance with the Public Health our sessions and classes are currently being held on virtual platforms only.


Alignment session

One initial session where we will talk openly about your situation, so I can analyse your demands and how I can better help you. 


Personalised Material

You will receive personalised supporting material with exclusive content (guided meditations, audios, lectures and trackers) to assist your journey.


360° off-session assistance

I am always just an email away whether you have any questions, issues or need some advice that can't wait or simply does not warrant a full session. 


Clarity Sessions

Four sessions dedicated to discussing your progress and clarifying any further spots. You are free to choose having weekly or fortnightly follow up.


Routine Assistance

Personalised routine setting with tailored practical activities (such as NLP practice and meditation practices) to ensure your growth.

what our clients are saying

"...It’s hard to summarise in a few words what Annalisa and her work have meant to me. I  met her by chance in the darkest moment of my life. I had tried countless traditional therapists and doctors with no result and I was hopeless about the future... Annalisa taught me all the practical tools and techniques to empower and sustain my change..."

- Michele, Engineer.