Master your life programme

Are you willing to challenge what you believe and wake up to the truth that you create your own reality?

Do you believe that life is just happening to you? That other people and situations can “make” you feel in certain way, whether good or bad? This is indeed the programming in which the majority of us were raised. It is, however, an unrealistic paradigm that gives in your power to the world around you.


When you become the master of your life you know that the vibration you consciously emanate is what attracts and allows experiences, situations, people and things to find you... and the choice of what to emanate is always in your hands

Breaking through the subconscious programming

What keeps us from making great shifts in our lives is only the fear of changing. The subconscious mind will always try to preserve the status quo, even if it's unhealthy. "It is better to stay in this bad situation that I already know than diving into something better but totally unknown." - That is how your fearful subconscious mind is sabotaging you.

By giving yourself the freedom to switch off the autopilot you can fully rewire your subconscious mind, modify behavioural patterns, release thoughtforms and effectively redesign your life. This realisation greatly dissolves all suffering as you move away from a victimist view of life to a more holistic, inner-oriented perspective.

M.Y.L.™ is a 7-week transformational programme created for people who are ready to let go of the victimist mentality and level up their life experience by awakening their inner power and creating a boundless abundance consciousness.

You will learn how to acknowledge the root causes of the behavioural patterns that are holding you back and heal them unlocking the life you actually desire to live.​

The M.Y.L.™ Programme is perfect for all levels, whether you are starting on the holistic/self-development path or would like to deepen and speed up your journey.​ The M.Y.L.™ method features a powerful blend of techniques, including:

• Mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy
• Meditation & prānāyāma techniques for emotional autonomy
• Integrative health coaching

• Trauma releasing & subconscious rewiring practices

Pricing & Structure

Your investment for this service is £ 450,00.​

You are welcome to book a Free Initial Call to discuss what can be achieved and to make sure we have a good sync, and if you decide to proceed with the programme the payment should be done integrally via bank transfer.

1. Initial session

One initial session where we will mindfully discuss and analyse your issue through a compassionate and non-judgemental perspective, so I can align with your demands and make the H.Y.L.™ tailored for you. 

2. Transformational mentoring

Seven sessions where you will be guided through the teachings and practices of the M.Y.L.™ Programme. Each week we will work on a layer of your consciousness healing traumas, dissolving subconscious programming, and releasing your highest potential.

3. Exclusive material

You will receive supporting material with exclusive content (lectures, guided meditations and audios) and a fully personalised Wellbeing Journal to hold up your progress.

4. Routine & lifestyle assistance

Exclusive Routine & Lifestyle consultation that will help you structure, embody and sustain your new enhanced self, with tailored quick daily practices to ensure your growth. 

5. 360 off-session assistance

I am always just an email away whether you have any questions, issues or need some advice that can't wait or simply does not warrant a full session.