Sometimes we just need some immediate help, impartial advice with a matter or simply a little boost to get us back on the right track.

At the One-Off Clarity Sessions you can rely on an objective mind to help you regain focus, clear your thoughts and give you the push you need to make the changes and the progress you want to make.

Pricing & Structure

Your investment for this service is £ 63,00.​

You are welcome to book a Free Initial Call to discuss what can be achieved and to make sure we have a good sync, and if you decide to proceed with the programme the payment should be done integrally via bank transfer.

1. Deep Counselling Session

A single session where we will mindfully discuss and analyse your issue through a compassionate and non-judgemental perspective. You will receive guidance and insights to bring awareness to the scenario and unfold the best possibilities and solutions for your matter.

2. Post-session Assistance

Just cause I love supporting your journey! Feel free to e-mail me whether you feel like clarifying any spots or simply want discuss the results you've got and the outcome of your matter. I am happy to sort out any questions. 


Clarity Sessions