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ĀTMA in Sanskrit refers to the divine, pure and unaltered essence of an individual. Our mission & passion is to empower people to awake their innate wisdom, embody their true selves and manifest a dream life through multidisciplinary self-improvement.


the soul behind

Annalisa is a Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapist and Wellbeing Expert with a passion for helping people manifest joy and fulfilment without distractions. Her core practices include mindfulness, meditation, yoga and alternative therapies with an holistic approach that merges self-awareness, sustainability, integrative health and wellness.


Connecting the dots between western science and eastern wisdom, Annalisa creates a link between thoughts and emotions, a relationship between the mind and the body. Her insights guide those on the path of self-development through practices for transforming the inner and outer world, creating a mindful and meaningful living.


Born in Brazil and a citizen of the world, she has large experience in working with people from the most various social and cultural backgrounds, experiencing or exposed to all sorts of challenges. Annalisa is currently based in the UK assisting clients from all over the world with online and in person, on or off-site classes and consultancy offered in Portuguese, English Italian and Spanish.


"Complete wellbeing should not be the ultimate goal of our lives, but the start point of our experience in this beautiful world." - Annalisa.


Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy

Reiki Healing


Transformational Counselling

Integrative Health

Sound Healing

Meditation for Behavioural Awareness

Flower Essence Therapy

Pranayama - Breath Work